The artist Christiana Maria Stifter


was born 1968 in Munich.

In 2000, the first paintings in the style of the “Dual Significantism” were born.

Owners of Paintings of Life:
see “DEDICATIONS”  …  and other “precious people”…

E/2008:         I designed an architectural concept for a Chinese "JING YE SI – Poem
 in co-operation with “ART AND SUCCESS”

01/2009:       I got accepted in "The Federal Association of Artists of the Fine Arts" (BBK).

                    BBK is the fine arts' large professional association in Germany.


Prior to the year 2000:


1997-2002:   Further professional development to become an arts manager

                    and marketing specialist

1993-1997:   Several engagements at different theatres.

                    Among them: the famous “Residenztheater” in Munich

1992:           Diploma in Stage Management at the renowned Royal Academy

                   of Dramatic Art in London

from 1989:   University entrance diploma followed by work with anglo-american

                   touring musical company

from 1986:   Passion for painting alphabetic characters in all different peppy

                   shapes and colors