Dual Significantism is an interwoven art of writing consisting of philosophies and messages of life in different world languages.

This art of writing is combined with opaque watercolor and gold leaf. As such, the aesthetic shapes and luminous colours form a unified work of art.

The intended combination of watercolor and gold leaf covers an outstanding spectrum of material: the gold leaf stands for the valuable constant factor whereas the watercolor on the water color paper stands for the valuable sensitive factor which needs extra care and protection to be able to continue existing in its full beauty.

My artwork tries to distract the beholder from the original interpretation and disguises itself as colorful “abstract art” instead. Only the insider knows about the philosophical contents of the painting.

Through the deliberately selected material in combination with the philosophy, I am creating artwork with extensive philosophical potential which not only gives reason to admire but also to discuss.

Through this merge of content and visual appearance, the art style "dual significantism" builds a bridge between literature and art.

The access to every painting is possible in two ways:

First: via the variety of colors and shapes which allow endless imaginative interpretations through countless different combinations.

Second: via the intellectual content of the painting, which reveals itself only through the close and intense examination of the blue “Writing-grid” and its decoding.

At this point we come full circle, because without the basis in respect of content the shapes of the painting wouldn’t exist – they result from the elaborately written words.

This new artistic style fascinates the beholder through its powerful vibrancy and at the same time wakes up the imagination, curiosity and intellect.